How to go to Alamut Valley?

How to go to Alamut Valley?

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Alamut Valley – How to get there?

Alamut region is mostly famous because of assassins led by a man called Hassan-s Sabbah and each year many tourists visit the castle of a, Ovan lake and the spectacular nature, especially during Spring and Summer. To visit the valley, you have two options:

1) Take a shared taxi near Minoodar (Gharibkosh) square. Taxis just take you to Gazorkhan village near the castle and it is around 200 000 Rials per person. You should walk for 10 minutes to reach the entrance of the castle. If the driver takes you to the entrance, he may ask for more 50 000 Rials per person. The entrance fee to visit the castle is also 150000 Rilas (May 2018). To visit the Andej canyons and Ovan lake, you need to rent a taxi because these places are off the main road. The main road is mountainous and curvy, so it takes 2 to 3 hours to arrive at the castle non-stop. Shared taxis don’t stop for taking photos.

Note: hitchhiking in this area, especially with personal cars, is not recommended. There have been some cases that a driver first accepted to give you a free ride but after that, he asked for money even more than taxis. So if you don’t want to take a tour or rent a taxi, shared taxi is recommended.

2) The second option is to take a tour. You can have a short hiking in Andej Valley, then go to the castle and visit Ovan lake on the way back. The lunch is also served at Eagle Castle local house. We can also visit Lambsar Castle on your demand. It usually takes 15 to 30 minutes to go to the top of the castle. Be sure to have suitable shoes. Wearing sandals or slippers are not recommended.

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