Daily Tour to Alamut Valley and The Castle of Assassins

Daily Tour to Alamut Valley and The Castle of Assassins

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Tour to Alamut

Pick-up: The place you stay.


The plans for the Tour to Alamut are as follows:


PLAN A: The tour starts at 8:30 a.m. in Qazvin. The visiting places are: Andej Valley, Hasan-e Sabah Castle, Ovan Lake, back to Qazvin

PLAN B: The tour starts at 8:30 a.m. in Qazvin. The visiting places are: Lambsar Castle, Andej Valley, Hasan-e Sabah, Oven Lake, back to Qazvin

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  1. The entrance fee for Hasan-e Sabah Castle is 150 000 Rials.
  2. The duration of plan A is between 10 to 12 hours. Plan B takes longer.
  3. If you want to ride a boat or swim in Ovan Lake, the fee is on yours, and the plan might take longer.
  4. The lunchtime depends on how much you spend for Andej and the Castle.
  5. If you want to stay the night, we can recommend a local house or a hotel.
  6. If you love long hiking or trekking, daily tour is NOT suitable for you (You are in the car for at least 6 hours totally. Please check trekking plans in Alamut Valley Trekking tours. 
  7. The lunch and refreshment (tea, fruit) are served in Eagles Castle local house and it’s 250 000 Rials per person.
  8. The price quoted in Euro or USD is based on the free market rate whcih is 40 to 50 percent more than bank rate. For any reasons, you don’t want to pay in Euro or UDS, the price converts to Rial based on the free market rate NOT the bank rate. It’s also recommended to change some at your arrival in Iran for one or two days. and change the rest of your money with the help of hotel reception or guides.

Included: Rented car + English-speaking guide OR English-speaking driver/guide

Excluded: entrance fee and lunch

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  1. Emy
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    Alamut with Irantaste is wonderful.
    My trip to Alamut with my friend was so amazing. We were there in winter, the weather was so perfect and in the road there were snow everywhere.
    I recomment another travelers go there by this group one time .

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