Two-day Alamut Adventure Tour

Two-day Alamut Adventure Tour

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Two-day Alamut Adventure Tour


Pick-up: The place you stay.

The itinerary of the tour is as follows:

PLAN A: The tour starts at 8 a.m. in Qazvin. The visiting places are

Day 1: The visiting places are Ovan Lake, Andej Valley (for short hiking), Hasan-e Sabah Castle,  Garmarud , Stay the night at Piche bon in a local house.

Day 2: Sightseeing in Piche bon, Back to Qazvin

PLAN B: The tour starts at 8 a.m. in Qazvin.

Day 1: The visiting places are: Lambsar Castle, Andej Valley (for short hiking), Hasan-e Sabah, Garmarud , Stay the night at Piche bon in a local house.

Day 2: Heading to Tonekabon, Dohezar Road, Caspian Sea, Manjil Dam, Back to Qazvin.



  1. The entrance fee for Hasan-e Sabah Castle is 4 dollars or 15000 Tomans.
  2. The duration of both plans is 2 days .
  3. If you want to ride a boat or swim in Ovan Lake, the fee is on yours, and the plan might take longer.
  4. The lunch time depends on how much you spend for Andej and the Castle.
  5. The price for the stay and driver accommodation is excluded.

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