4 Things to Do After Arriving in Iran

4 Things to Do After Arriving in Iran

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4 things to do after arriving in Iran

You’ve got the visa and ticket, and want to travel to Iran. There are 4 things to do after arriving in Iran at Imam Khomeini International Airport.

1. Currency Exchange

The first thing to do is to exchange some of your money into Rials to pay for food, transportation, and hotel. Consider that just some hotels and people accept USD or Euro. To get a better rate, do not change it in banks. After taking your luggage and come to the airport hallway, you can find the Exchange Center (the picture below). They are open 7/24.

The currency rate is changing every day and for the moment for USD is around 40 000 Rials and for Euro is around 47 770 Rials.

4 things to do after arriving in Iran


2. Buy a SIM Card

The second thing you need to do is to buy a SIM Card. You have two options:

a. Irancell 

b. Hamrahe Aval

The coverage of Hamrahe Aval is almost larger, but based on our experience, the Internet speed of Irancell is much better and more stable. So, if you want to use Internet a lot, it’s recommended to buy an Irancall SIM Card. You can buy it from Irancell booth located at IKIA. After you get your luggage and exit, you can find them (the color of the brand is yellow). The staff will take care of everything. You need to fill out a form and the staff needs to scan the first page of your passport. Be sure your SIM card is activated. Ask the clerk to charge it and but the internet. 3GB internet for one month (including VAT) is 14300 Toman (almost 3.5 USD) which might be enough.

Note: In most cities, 3G/4G internet is available. You can also have access to the WiFi Internet in most hostels, hotels, and even some ecolodges outside the city. But it’s better to have your own connection.

The left one is Hamrahe Aval and the yellow one is Irancell.

4 things to do after arriving in Iran


3. Airport transportation

The famous taxi service located in IKIA is Seir-o-Safar (in Persian: سیر و سفر). The price to take you from airport to your desired destination in Tehran is 750,000 Rials if you want Toyota Camry. Van is also available. It’s NOT recommended to take Savari (illegal taxis).

Another option is to use the metro. The metro usually works between 5:30 to 22:30, but IKIA metro is 7/24. Also, after 22:30, as the other lines are not 7/24, for the moment, you have to get off at Darvaze-h Dowlat station which is in the center of Tehran. If you want to go to IKIA from Tehran, after 22:30, you need to go to Darvaze-h Dowlat Station and take the metro to Shahr-e Aftab, then get off the train and wait for the train to IKIA. it takes 80 minutes from IKIA to Darvaz-e Dowlat.


4. Where to stay in Tehran

If you have a limited budget, you can stay in hostels. There are good hostels in Tehran like HiTehranHostel, Persianhostel, Seeyouiniran hostel. There are also good and luxury hotels in Iran you can book before your arrival. To book a hostel for free, click here.


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